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Anthracite Coal

Anthracite Coal

Anthracite is a hard , compact variety of mineral coal which is highly lustrous. It has the highest carbon content , the fewest impurities , and the highest calorific content of all types of coal , including bituminous and lignite coal.

Anthracite is the most metamorphosed type of coal , wherein the carbon content ranges from 92.1% to 98%. The term is applied to those varieties of coal which do not give off tarry or other hydrocarbon vapours when heated below their point of ignition. Anthracite ignites with difficulty and burns with a short , blue , and smokeless flame.

Anthracite is categorized into standard grade, which is used mainly in power generation. High Grade (HG) and Ultra High Grade (UHG), the principal uses of which are in the metallurgy sector.

General Specification :
1 GCV (ADB) Kcal/ Kg. 6500-8000
2 Total Moisture (ARB) % By Wt. 8-14
3 Inherent Moisture (ADB) % By Wt. 2-3
4 Ash Content(ADB) % By Wt. 7-13
5 Volatile Matter(ADB) % By Wt. 6-8
6 TS(ADB) % Wt. % By Wt. 0.8-2.00
7 Fixed Carbon % By Wt. 65-90
8 Size mm 0-50
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